Agile, collaborative, and goal-driven

We put together digital teams who work alongside our clients to establish clear business goals that need to be met for every app we build. We keep our teams lean and agile so that we can stay focused on shipping software and getting products to market for our clients.

Our Approach

Goal Driven

We create a strategy that aligns with your business goals and establish key conversions that your app needs to achieve. These conversion targets guide every decision we make about your app.

4 to 8 weeks to full app design

Using a finely tuned process, we guarantee a completed app design in less than two months so that you can get started on development.

Modern design tools and approach

We use Figma, the industry’s choice, for our designs and we have created our own app design templates so that we have a solid foundation when starting every custom design project.

Easy developer handoff

Whether you work with us to develop your app or have your own development team, we provide you with your final design file along with documentation explaining the functionality on each screen of the app.

Technology based

We understand mobile phones, their operating systems and their latest capabilities. Every app we design takes into consideration what is and isn’t possible on modern mobile phones.

No surprises

We work in a collaborative fashion with you and present intermediate deliverables to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We also conduct user testing to validate our design decisions.

Small dedicated teams

The best apps are designed by lean agile teams of app experts with experience crafting apps across a wide array of industries.

Product training

Every two weeks one of our team members analyzes a mobile app and gives a presentation to the company. We analyze apps from soup to nuts: app store listing, website, onboarding process, navigation experience, design, and overall usability.

True MVPs

Creating an MVP is hard work. We ask the hard questions in order to keep MVPs as slimmed down as possible.


We strive to stay up-to-date on no-code and low-code solutions so that we can find innovative ways to avoid writing code when it makes sense. The more code you write, the more code you have to maintain.


We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Sneakers. They constantly push on themselves and our internal team to take our products to the next level. They're a great partner which adapted based on our challenges, and I would recommend them 10 times out of 10. The team at Sneakers is engaged and hands-on. They’re trustworthy, they value the partner relationship, and their communication is consistently professional. They have reliable work ethic and project management skills, and can adapt to challenges while lending expertise in strategy.

Founder, Pinata

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