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We help companies who need to create an MVP by implementing our Sneakers Apps Process to help them get to market.


Obsessed with apps:

There’s nothing worse than launching an app for your business and not getting results. It wastes time & money to build, lowers employee morale, and leaves you with an app that costs money every month to support.

That’s why at Sneakers Apps we create a strategy for your app that fully aligns with your business goals. Our lean, agile design methodology helps us design your app and get user feedback as quickly as possible so that we can validate results and iterate.

When you entrust us to design and build your app you know that your app is in good hands and you can feel confident that your app will deliver results for your company.


Why the name Sneakers Apps?
We get asked a lot: “What’s with the name Sneakers Apps?” In short, we love apps and wanted to encapsulate the concept of creating technology for people on the go. When we started looking for words associated with movement ultimately the name Sneakers Apps was born.


Our Mission
When people spend time on their mobile phones they deserve to use beautifully crafted apps. That’s why we’re on a mission to design one thousand apps by 2030 because we want people to have an easier time using their phones in their day-to-day lives.


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  • Clutch Top 1000 Companies
  • Clutch Top B2B Developer
  • UpCity Top Mobile App Developer
  • GoodFirms Top Mobile App Developer
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