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Distinguish the Differences between Web and Mobile Apps

Which type of app is right for you? Read on to find out!

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Many people need clarification on mobile and web apps, thinking they are the same. While the same app development company can make them, they are quite different. They look and feel different to the user and are also built and delivered to the user differently. It is essential to understand the distinction between the two.


In simple terms, a web application is a digital solution designed to be used on a desktop or mobile web browser. It is made easy to use and interactive and usually contains more features than a traditional website. They can be accessed on any device that has a web browser and are designed to be responsive, meaning they will adjust to the size of the screen they are viewing. 

Web apps also don’t need to be downloaded or installed and can be used on any operating system. They may look and behave similarly to mobile applications, which can cause some confusion.

On the other hand, mobile applications are designed for a certain device, like iOS for the Apple iPhone or Android for the Samsung smartphone. These can be acquired from an app store and can access all of the phone system’s resources. These apps are stored on the device and are ready to be used. Popular mobile apps include Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps, and Facebook Messenger.


Mobile apps require more effort and money to create than web apps. They are platform-specific, so releasing an app on different platforms generally requires more design and development work. On the other hand, mobile apps tend to be faster and more sophisticated regarding features and capabilities.

An app development company will create a mobile app for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android. To design an app for multiple platforms, developers must create separate versions for each platform, using the language specific to that platform. 

For example, an app for iOS would need to be created using Swift, an app for Android would need to be created using Kotlin, and an app for Windows Phone would need to be created using C#. The different versions of the app may have different user interfaces.

For web apps, developers use web-development tools to make web applications without having to code the same thing multiple times. Unlike mobile apps, web applications are created with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Web apps are usually quicker and easier to make, but they can be more limited in terms of features. Developers can use existing templates to make creating a web app easier.

Determining Which Type of App to Build

Whichever type of app you choose is up to you and depends on your business needs. Consider the purpose of the application, the target audience and their usage, your desired near-term and long-term business outcomes, and the essential features.

In Conclusion

Depending on which type of app you choose to build, an app can enhance or weaken your relationship with customers and so it’s very important to make the right decision. When in doubt, always analyze who your users will be and what will make the most sense for them.

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