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Never forget to spread love.

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Problem + Goals

When the founder of Lovebomb came to us we could tell right away that we felt his mission to help people spread love was something we wanted to be a part of. With a limited budget and no technical background, we wanted to build a Minimum Viable Product that would help him get to market, get user feedback, raise more money, while not weighing him down with a lot of technical infrastructure.


  • App Design
  • Native iOS App + App Analytics
  • Low Code Backend


  1. True App Insights
  2. Less Overhead
  3. Fundraising with Confidence

True App Insights

High Quality App Analytics

How do you know if your app is a success? With an app analytics measurement plan. We worked closely with Lovebomb's founder to create an app analytics measurement plan that would be help him understand if app users were completing key actions in his app so that he'd have accurate data to help him make strategic decisions about his app and to present to potential investors.

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Less Overhead

Low Code For The Win

Founders can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with all of the technology and costs associated with building and running a successful app. From day one we wanted to ensure that we would avoid this situation for Lovebomb's founder. That's why we used Firebase's full suite of tools to create a server-less backend while also making use of their analytics tools and push notification abilities.

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Fundraising with Confidence

More Money, Less Problems

We're proud to say that Lovebomb's initial launch was enough of a success to help its founder plan for his next chapter and go out and fundraise with confidence. He can now confidently go to investors with insights about his app's performance and demonstrate that he's able to get a lot done even with a limited budget.

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