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Problem + Goals

Launching a new brand from scratch isn't always easy in this day and age given how many companies you're typically competing against. We worked with the team at this startup to figure out a good, catchy name (with an available domain), devise a visual presence that aligns with the brand and its target market, and design a clean, modern pre-launch website.


  • Full Branding Package
  • Pre-Launch Website


  1. Branding
  2. Website Design


Branding from Scratch

Launching with a solid brand is one of the most important things a startup can do in this day and age. Via the name we created and the logo mark, we set out to create a brand that was easy to understand and would have lasting appeal for years to come.

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Website Design

Before the Launch

In this day and age, successful startups announce their presence to the world with an effective pre-launch website. In working with the letsgrocery team, we designed a clean site for desktop and mobile and created clear, simple copy so that they could get their message out and start building interested in the brand.

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