Case Study

Classic Car Club

A member’s only car booking experience.

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Problem + Goals

Classic Car Club Manhattan is the home of a beautiful rotating collection of classic cars that club members can reserve for personal use. While Classic Car Club had built its own software so that its staff could book cars for members, members did not have the convenience to book cars themselves using their membership.

By designing a new system for Classic Car Club, our aim was to work with Classic Car Club to help them accomplish a number of goals: reduce staff overhead for booking cars, give members more convenience and control, generate more revenue in the process, integrate with their member portal, create a new administrative experience, and support a mobile responsive customer experience.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer Portal Integration Analysis
  • User Scopes and Journey Maps
  • Customer Facing UI / UX Design
  • Admin UI / UX Design


  1. Digital Strategy
  2. UI/UX Design
  3. Booking Management

Digital Strategy


Kicking off a new digital initiative sounds simple, but it’s not. Plus, if you make the wrong decisions at the beginning, it will be expensive to fix them later. Our digital strategy for Classic Car Club revolved around two critical problems: how to build out a car booking platform without overburdening them with technology to manage and support and how to help them get more car bookings. We solved the first problem by doing some R&D with their membership platform PeopleVine and came upon a clever scheme to use PeopleVine to manage their car content management system and payment processing handler. We solved the second problem by designing an easy to use web app that lets members easily find cars to book using their member points and top up their member points if needed.

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UI/UX Design

Web App

WIth the right strategy in place, we were able to design a forward thinking car booking experience for Classic Car Club Members. The web user experience is 100% mobile responsive. Club members can quickly view the club’s inventory and filter by dates. Once they’ve found a car they like, they are taken through a checkout flow custom tailored to Classic Car Club’s business model which requires members to purchase blocks of points that they can apply towards booking cars. Also, members are able to purchase more points towards a booking directly from the web app if needed which saves them the time of calling the club’s sales team.

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Booking Management


When designing a system, it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes to make everything a seamless customer experience. We worked with the sales and operations teams at Classic Car Club to review their legacy booking management system which handled a lot of different functions and their new user portal via PeopleVine. This analysis, planning, and design allowed us to create a streamlined booking management/administrative site that focused purely on managing customer car bookings while allowing them to leverage PeopleVine for ongoing member management

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